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Self taugh in guitar and bass Joolz played in rock outfit Clessidra in 1998 and wrote a couple of songs that she was able to perform live at Boscombe Festival, where her vocals got a rapturous response. While they still had a rock edge, the songs pointed to a more rhythmic groove that would take centre stage later on. After self-teaching herself mixing, Joolz debuted as DJ Joolz on the house party scene in thriving Bournemouth, starting at the parties of riends and then being asked by friends-of-friends. It soon became apparent, from great feedback and many late nights, that she has a gift that many would aspire to: the ability to know exactly what people want to hear, combined with a talent for putting together some strikingly individual tracks that invariably make sure a night is kicking.

As a gifted artist, Joolz was also producing trompe d'oeils and murals for bars and clubs in Dorset and the West Midlands. She decided to update her skills and focus on new media by taking a HNC in Graphic design at Bournemouth Art school in 1998. It led to significant professional accomplishments and a career in multi-media design, pitching to clients such as Woolworths, Southampton FC, Tesco, Marks & Spencer & BT. Please check out the above links to see examples of Joolz' work.

Joolz's first deejaying gig was at Rubyz club in Bournemouth in 2007. By arranging to have friends on didgeridoos and djembe drums accompanying her mixing, the club spun to the funkified tribal rhythm that has become something of her trademark. Joolz helped rebrand the venue and stayed on when it re-opened as Club 2XS, deejaying and assisting in welcoming other DJs (such as Anna Kiss, James Bubblefunk, hired for different nights. She also began playing at Bazaar bar, a trendy chill-out space in Bournemouth town centre.

The last 12 months have seen DJ Joolz go from strength to strength. She is currently resident DJ of Friday's ‘Get Spinny' night at Bazaar Bar (now under new ownership) and has recently made her début at Havannas in Charminster. She is also a freelance designer, & has recently completed a substantial design and print project for Acting Out Casting of Brighton. DJ Joolz has just started producing her own tracks in her home music studio and is now on the look out for representation and a label that appreciates an alternative vision.

DJ Joolz 1999 playing bass for Clessidra
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DJ Joolz 1999 playing bass for Clessidra
DJ Joolz 1999 playing bass for Clessidra
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